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9:30 AM Golf at St. John's                  
10:00 AM                    
10:30 AM                    
11:00 AM                    
11:30 AM                    
12:00 PM                    
12:30 PM                    
1:00 PM Begin Make Up         Begin Make up Hotel        
1:30 PM                    
2:00 PM                    
2:30 PM                    
3:00 PM                    
3:15 PM                    
3:30 PM Bride Maids at Hilton Garden Suites Photos of Brides Maids at Hilton Garden Suite                
3:45 PM                    
4:00 PM Bride Maids head over to Bridal Room at St. John's Photos of Brides Maids at St. John's Bride & Attendents arrive at St. John's              
4:15 PM                    
4:30 PM                    
4:45 PM                    
5:00 PM                    
5:15 PM     Judea Room is decorated and ready for pictures (note Eiffel Tower Ice Sculpture)              
5:30 PM     Guest Begin to arrive at St. Joh's Chapel       Arrive at St. John's      
5:45 PM                    
6:00 PM Wedding Ceremony Begins Wedding (see program for details) Wedding (see program for details)       Lead in Father & Bride      
6:15 PM                    
6:30 PM       Set Up at St. John's in Garden Area            
6:45 PM             Lead out Bride & Groom      
7:00 PM Cocktail Party In Garden (Sing Guest Book)     Play at Cocktail Party            
7:15 PM Wedding Party Photos Taken Wedding Party Photos Cocktail Party       Photos      
7:30 PM                    
7:45 PM Guest head to Judea Room                  
8:00 PM         Background Music as Guests Enter Judea Room          
8:10 PM Bridal Party Arrives at Reception lead by Bagpiper Bridal Party Arrives at Reception Bridal Party Arrives at Reception   Announce Arrival of Bridal Party   Lead in Bridal Party      
8:15 PM Cut the Cake       Announce Cutting of the Cake          
8:25 PM Prayer - Father MacKinnon Prayer & Toast Prayer & Toast   Introduce Father MacKinnon (second cousin of bride)          
  Toast - Dan Finkelstein       Announce Best Man Toast          
8:30 PM Dinner Is Served     Perform from Table to Table at Reception            
8:45 PM   Strolling Ministrels Strolling Ministrels              
9:00 PM                    
9:15 PM                    
9:30 PM Bridal Dances: 1.Bride & Groom, 2.Matron & Best, 3.Bridal Party, 4.Flwr Grls & Ush, 5.Father&Daughtr, 6.Mother & Son, 7.Son-in-law & Mother-in-law, 8.The Guests Bridal Dances Bridal Dances   Bridal Dances          
9:45 PM Dancing Dancing Dancing   Dancing          
10:00 PM                    
10:30 PM                    
11:00 PM                    
11:25 PM Last Call for Bar                  
11:30 PM Bride and Groom Depart Bride and Groom Depart Bride and Groom Depart   Announce Departure of Bride & Groom       Arrive  
12:00 AM         Reception Ends          
12:30 AM