Over the Alps

The Neptune Fountain - Bologna

Our New Friend Signore Orazio

San Lucca - Bologna

The Portico - Bologna

On the Train to see Uncle

In the Old Town of Feltre

A Residence in Feltre

Zio's Church in Feltre

Karen's name on a Plaque

Karen's Family - Faller

More Family in Faller

The City of Faller

At the Top of the World

In a Mountain Pasture

A Cross at the Top

Karen and her Zio

Kids rowing the Grand Canal

St. Mark's Cathedral

St. Mark's Square

Pigeon Over St. Mark Square

Gondolas in Que

Our Gondola Driver

The Great Gondola Chase

The Rialto Bridge

The Gondola Couple

Ralph & Statue

Florence Skyline

Duomo & Bell Tower

Overlooking Florence

Karen gets close to the art

The Duomo

Inside the Duomo

Statue of David

The Leaning Tower

At the Top - Whoa Dude!

"Karen, stop that!"

Santo Stefano in Bologna

Inside St. Peter in Bologna

St. Dominc's Tomb

St. Peter's Basilica Rome

The Pieta

St. Pete's Dome

Inside St. Peter's

Karen, St. Michael, Rainbow

Castle San Angelo

Meeting Ralph's Couzens

Grandpa's Shop

"Basile" Street

Family in the Shop

More Family in the Shop

Nino on the Throne

Beauty on the Steps

The Trevi Fountain

The Pope

The Vatican Museum

The Parthanon

Inside the Coliseum

The Coliseum

Excavating the Forum

The Forum

Karen & Flowering Tree

Going Home