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Day 4

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

  This was the day that Karen had to work, and she was working all day, 'till 7:30 that evening. As a result, I was on my own. Since this is a diary about our trips, not mine I will not go into great detail about my travels.  
  I will say that I covered a lot of ground. I walked from our hotel to Green Park and then to Buckingham Palace. The crowds were there for changing of the guards.
   I snapped a few photos and then made my way thru St. James Park.  
  Next I headed to Westminster and Big Ben. Few more photos, several with Binocular Camera.  
On over Westminster Bridge, up past the London Eye and along the shores of the Thames.
I crossed once to the other side at Embankment, along that side, and crossed again on the Millennium Bridge.
Eventually I got to the Tower Bridge and crossed back over.
  It was my intention to head away from the River, but during my walk I discovered that the photos I had taken with the binocular camera had been deleted owing to the poor design of the camera. I decided to head back along the Thames to retake some of the photos I had lost.  
  Back at Westminster, I walked up Whitehall, past No.10 Downing Street and eventually to Trafalgar Square. From there I made my way thru Leicester Square, to Piccadilly, along Regent Street and then Oxford Street and ultimately to Duke Street where our hotel was.  
  When I got back it was 5pm. I knew it would be a while for Karen, so I spent time checking email and the like.  
Karen returned to the room around 7:30 and we decided to get a beer next door at the Barley Mow. We then went in search of the Running Footman. It had started to rain so our search was an earnest one. I thought I knew where it was, but was wrong.
Failing that we stopped in another pub had a beer. I should mention that this was the day of the big Euro cup match for England. Given the level of interest in the other matches not involving England, we figured the bars would be packed. In fact, the opposite was true. The barmaid told us that many were staying home to watch. When we arrived at the pub Croatia was leading 1-0. By half time, much to the delight of the locals, England lead 2-1. We left and went in search of a pub that served food. We did find one, name unknown and had dinner. It was my second Bangers and Mash and Youngs bitter. Afterwards we headed back to the hotel for the evening.

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