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Day 9

Sunday, June 27, 2004

  Our flight was not until 1:50pm from Gatwick. Still we wanted to get to the airport by 11:30 or earlier. We decided to try taking the Gatwick Express train from Victoria Station. Our rough experience of the day before left me a bit nervous, for if things went badly with the train, I would have one angry wife on my hands. The cab ride to the station was quick and, in fact, there is a special drop-off spot for the Gatwick train. Further, a dedicated lift takes you right down to the train and you can buy the train ticket on board. The ride to the airport is about 30 minutes and you “alight” right between the two terminals. In short, the train worked great! Much easier, quicker and cheaper than taking a cab from Gatwick. We are sure to do that again.  
  Our flight home was uneventful, except for one thing. For some reason, Karen's seat had been moved from 13H next to me, to row 30. We had not booked together, but had made sure that we were seated together on both flights. We had to wait to get to the gate to fight it out. The agent seemed certain she could take care of us. We both held a slimmer of a hope that movement might put us in Business Class, but that did not happen. Karen got her 13H seat back.  
  Back in Detroit, we landed 45 minutes, cleared Immigration, collected our bags and cleared Customs before our plane was even supposed to land. Amazing. We arrived home to our somewhat larger cat, cookies and cake - all thanks to Karen's brother Mike. Another great trip to Europe and another diary written!